SasquatchDan (danblood) wrote in canterbunnies,

Sasquatch Records, Kit Clearout

Calling any musicians looking at this, I'm currently having a clearout of kit that I've recently upgraded.. if anyone's interested in any of this let me know.

I'm contacting X-Electrical about this, but they'll probably offer me less than the amounts below so they can sell them to you for more than below..

I'm offering

Edirol UA-25 2 port USB 2.0 input (External sound card): I think I have the original box and manuals and Cakewalk SONAR LE - All good condition
Wanted: £120 ono

Line 6 POD (good condition) with the floor board foot switcher (which was surprisingly hard to track down! used condition - some of the switches need retightening)
Wanted: £120 for both or £100 for just the POD.

Yamaha "Les Paul" copy - Used condition. Pick up switcher lever has snapped, but is still fully functional.
Wanted: £100 ono

Yamaha MG10/2 mixer: Good condition
Wanted: £90 ono

Marshal 15W practice amp: used condition
Wanted: £20

I live in Ashford and can bring this stuff into Canterbury.

Let me know...

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