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Canterbunnies Journal

Where Canterbunnies go to meet

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Welcome to Canterbunnies..The community for Canterbury based bunnies.Or non-canterbury based bunnies. Or non-bunnies.

This community is primarily a resource for those living in and around Canterbury, Kent, UK, to meet, share information, waffle and be random. If potential pre-canterbury bunnies or old-canterbury bunnies want to get involved thats all good to. Maybe even visitors to Canterbury. And maybe students of UKC. We're flexible..

Have fun and keep it funny..bunnies..


p.s. No offense or over enthusiasm is intended for the long-eared-species.
p.p.s. Canterbunnies Admin apologises to Rabbit enthusiasts for the offensive and size-ist aural organ based attitudes in the comment as above.
p.p.s. Some members may find ukc to be of interest to them. They are primarily focused on Uinversity of Kent students so go have a look.
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