SasquatchDan (danblood) wrote in canterbunnies,

Dan Blood - The Imperfect Gentleman

Being Launched on Monday 19th January 2009

  1. Sympathy for Dan Blood (Live)

  2. Die Young

  3. Rape Me

  4. Idle Hands

  5. Manwhore

If you are a fan of my stuff .. or even if you're just a caring passer by who thinks it'd be fun to see me get somewhere in this shoddy economy we call home; feel free to post about my album and tell people who might be interested. The album will only cost £4 to buy - A fairly well produced album for the price of a cheap single!

Available to buy - will have a stock with me at Orange Street Music Venue at Monday where I will be performing the album plus more

For more details:

PS: the afore-pictured fluffy slippers will also be making an appearance at Orange Street on Monday :)
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