SasquatchDan (danblood) wrote in canterbunnies,

Free Pie

This is the group page for the Old Brewery Tavern

Tomorrow is the first night of the Battle of the Bands

They're looking for acts (4 more slots left as I'm writing this)

You need to be able to play a 20 minute slot including 1 original song and 1 cover.

The bar is willing to provide a £15 drinks tab per slot

To enter, you should contact Alison Miller via the Tavern's group page.

The music will kick off at 9.30 and will go on til about 11 - 11.30

The Tavern, for those who don't know is located on Stour Street, Canterbury - the alley off the highstreet, between the old post office and the Abode Hotel, on the way to the Beer Cart Arms)

That's Tomorrow Night (Wednesday 15th October)

there may or may not be free pie.. that chance is yours to gamble with
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